Considerations while camping with Rustic Knolls

Our number one goal is that you have a wonderful time camping at Rustic Knolls and create many lifetime memories. Please respect your neighbors, they don’t want to hear your radio, please respect our park, we work very hard to make it as beautiful as it is, and lastly, please respect yourself, no all-day partying to where we have to have an unfortunate discussion about your behavior. Please be respectful.

Our cancellation policy is outside a week, we will refund all fees collected less $25 transaction fee. Inside 7 days, there will be no refund offered.

If you are traveling from the NW sector of the state, please do not follow your navigation system unless you are prepared for adventure…. That’s all I am going to say…. Enjoy the journey to our hidden lil gem!

We are very serious about children running amuck in our park… our philosophy is that the kids own the road, and it’s the adult’s responsibility to watch for the children. Therefore we have a posted speed limit of 2 mph… we will scold any driver that appears to not be paying attention to this… if we see dust you are not trying hard enough

Check-in 1:00pm • Check-out 12:00 noon

Rustic Knolls is a pay to play park…. Your visitors are to stop at the office, register and pay a $5 day play fee or $15 stay overnight fee. This is all grown children, grandkids, nieces or nephews, boyfriends or girlfriends etc…

All camping rates are for a family of 6. Family is defined as Mom Dad (not necessarily traditional parents) and up to 4 children. Groups that are of mixed nature, boyfriends, girlfriends, cousin, mixed adults will be charged $15 per head.

Firewood… we allow you to bring your own seasoned split firewood… Anything else is unacceptable. And please, do not throw glass or aluminum cans in the fire, contrary to what you think, these do not burn, they leave a mess that we must clean.

One pet per campsite. Extra Pet $5.00 each per night. Please ensure Fido has a good time, and don’t leave them behind in the camper while you venture off sight seeing

Pet owners are responsible for the clean up of their pets.

While we allow golf carts, they are to be ELECTRIC ONLY, and we will not tolerate any shenanigans, and only licensed drivers.

No Check-Ins After 8:00 PM, if you will be later please make arrangements with office.

All prices subject to change without notice.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.