Our Story

Rustic Knolls is the legacy of Frank Sr and Nora Biffath. As retirement closed in, the Biffaths realized they wanted to stay active, and subsidize retirement. After a few failed attempts, raising Chinchillas in the family attic being one, they fell into the idea of a family camping spot. Owning 98 acres, and being avid entertainers, this was a logical step.

In 1968 the Biffaths planned out their Legacy, Rustic Knolls. The farm already had a lake for swimming, already had a shelter erected for family gatherings, so they set out planning 8 lots for family camping.

As interest grew, so did their legacy. Water lines were added, sewer lines were added, trees were planted in phases, if you look at the tree tops, you can see which section was planted after another. Frank Sr took great pride in transplanting saplings from the wooded areas and making Rustic Knolls a wonderful family park.
With growth came new amenities, a shower and bath house in 1969, a 2400 sq ft Recreation hall in 1974, a swimming lake in 1975 and more water and sewer sites and more shade trees every year. Today Rustic Knolls has 150 sites, of which 109 have water, sewer, electric.

With the passing of Nora in 2001, their eldest son Frank Jr and his wife Barb took ownership. Over the next 14 years, Frank Jr and Barb worked tirelessly to breathe new life into the park and preserve the legacy of their parents. Electrical updates were made to accommodate 50 amp service for the Big Rigs of today, sewer lines were added to the entire Seasonal camping area, brand new restrooms/shower facility added (did we mention we take great pride in our bathhouse and clean them every hour on the hour!), new paint here, new attractions there, Rustic Knolls had a new life after 40 years.

2016 began yet another chapter in the Legacy of Frank Sr and Nora, as the third generation of Biffath took over. Frank III, along with his wife Patty,  set out to live their version of a 40 year dream, to own and operate Rustic Knolls.

Frank III would like to thank his parents Frank Jr and Barb for their effort, their unwavering pride, their love of the land and their love of the camping family, making Rustic Knolls a true family campground for three generations.

Come see us, wont you?

In the summer of 2005 the permanent campers went together and donated a flag pole and a inscribed rock in memory of Frank and Nora Biffath thanking them for creating Rustic Knolls Campground.

Building 1st – Restroom & Shower House – 1969 • Dozing for the Swimming Lake – 1975 Holiday Weekend • Erecting the Recreation Building – 1974