Annual Father’s Day Smoke Off

Rules, Regulations & Guidelines

Contest date: Saturday, June 15, 2019

  1. No entry fee is required for smoke off contestants
  2. IMPORTANT: ALL contestants must register for challenge in the office no later than 12pm on Saturday. During registration you will bring your meat to be pre-checked (prior to cooking) to qualify for smoke off and receive your presentation container. Numbers for blind judging will be drawn later in the day.
  3. Entries must contain three portions (per category) to be judged.
  4. Category options are as follows:
    1. Beef- Brisket, Loin, Ribs
    2. Pork- Shoulder, butt, loin, ribs
    3. Chicken- whole, halved, pieces 
  5. Please check the scorecard (provided at meat check in office) to see what areas you will be judged on
  6. Contestants must bring meat to pre-check at office to qualify for contest.
  7. All meats must be prepared and cooked on site.
  8. All meat must start out raw. No pre-seasoned or pre-cooked entries are allowed.
  9. The cook must comply with health standards when cooking meat.
  10. Any meats showing signs of being too under-cooked will be disqualified. 
  11. Contestants must provide their own ingredients, utensils and equipment needed for cooking and presenting entries. (presentation judging boxes will be provided.)
  12. Meats may be presented with or without sauce on it as the contestant wishes. Sauce may NOT be pooled in the container. To simplify the judging, no side sauce containers will be permitted in the meat judging containers.
  13. Contestants are welcomed to provide side sauces for potluck.
  14. Contestants are welcomed to garnish entries as they like. Garnishments are not included in presentation judging.
  15. Blind system judging will be used.
  16. Contestants will draw presentation numbers for their anonymous judging.
  17. All entries must be submitted in appropriately labelled containers provided by judges to qualify.
  18. Contestants must have entries submitted to judges no later than 3:50pm
  19. Judging will begin promptly at 4:00pm.
  20. Remaining meats are to be submitted to rec building for potluck set up by 4:45pm.
  21. Only contestants are exempt from potluck cover charge. Remaining family members are expected to pay cover charge and provide covered dish for event. Cover charge is $5 per person. Children ages 6 and under are free.
  22. There will be one winner awarded in each category and one overall Grand Champion.
  23. Winners will be announced at potluck dinner. 
  24. Prizes are provided by dividing funds raised by cover charge at the potluck.
  25. Each contestant is responsible for their own clean up.